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Mentoring with basketball while building life skills allows the parent, child and coach to align with team or individual goals.  It is our desire at TNT to enhance leadership in different areas to achieve individual and team goals set by each player at the start of each season. Each player is required to partner with a parent or mentor for one or more of their desired leadership tiers they would like to achieve.  Each player that participates will receive a star for their shield given upon joining TNT.  In this process, up to three stars is achievable.


There are three stars that each player is challenged to achieve; Academic, Athletic and Active Community Leadership (AAA).  The purpose of the Leadership Tiers is to instill TNT’s values in each player.  Once a star has been acquired, the player is not required to lead an additional effort in order to maintain their star.  However, the player will be required to participate in one or more of the leadership tiers offered by another team member. All players will be evaluated throughout the season.

Listed below are the descriptions of Tier 1-3

TIER 1- Academic Leadership (Accountability and Integrity)

Grades - Report cards to be reported to your coach and team mates each quarter


Reading – Select a book to read with your parent or mentor that enhances your athletic or academic skill and report to your coach and team


TIER 2 – Athletic Leadership (Accountability and Athletic Skill)

Create an opportunity to lead your team in building athletic skill through your talents and work ethic.


Initiate events such as athletic team challenges during practice, games, fundraising, or team morale events, (ie, lead competition events, shoot-a-thons, etc.)


TIER 3- Active Community Leadership (Integrity and Community Service)

Create or participate in an opportunity in the community representing TNT demonstrating leadership amongst your team.


Player Athletic Club (PAC - TNT Student Body) – Each player has the opportunity to campaign for leadership amongst their peers. The roles of President, Vice President, Secretary and Treasurer are available. The purpose of PAC is to create an opportunity lead amongst their peers and cultivate collaboration.  Each player can campaign for a respective role each year.  The members of the PAC will create their goals for the year to align with vision, mission and take part in the TNT Quarterly Board Meetings. 


We encourage your child to join us for a week of practice prior to making a commitment in joining our program.  Our coaching staff will evaluate your forms, child’s skills and athletic level in order to position them for further growth.  Listed below are the required forms for you to complete in order to have your son or daughter take part in team events.  NOTE: A copy of your child’s birth certificate is required upon submittal of these documents

* Fee and Registration Form

* Emergency & Medical Contact Form

* Medical and Liability Waiver Form

* List of Player’s Goals (signed by child and parent/guardian)

Please contact Mrs. Kimberly Neal at 520-465-9180 or via email to inform you of practice times and locations for your child. We look forward to partnering with you in creating a platform of success for your son or daughter.


 Best Regards,


Kenny Neal- Founder, Director & Head Coach

TNT Sports Academy [ The Next Tier]


Phone:  520-269-2435

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